The Story

The story is told through the eyes of Karen, a new LARPer who is unsure how she is going to fit in when she joins her older sister’s overly enthusiastic adventuring group. Reclusive Karen is thrown headfirst into the fantasy world of Mariador, a land where magic flows freely and conflicts are often resolved with the blade of a sword. Things seem to be going well until she mistakenly opens a mysterious treasure box, releasing an evil into the world that has been kept secret for aeons.

Working together with new friends, she’ll have to undo the damage she’s caused, learn the rules to the game, and avoid dying if at all possible. Like LARPing in general, it’s full of exciting action scenes. Swashbuckling adventurers. Dangerous caves. Heroes. Evil monsters. Terrifying apparitions. And – most importantly, some would say – bacon.