Cast & Crew


Kristin Brumley


Kristin is an overly energetic and enthusiastic creative person who has starred on the theatrical stage since the tender age of seven.  As an actor, Kristin has played such parts as Toby in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Streetand Cookie in Neil Simon’s Rumors. She was one of the founding members of her college’s improvisation troupe, and still participates in community plays during her freetime.

Kristin currently works as a marketing specialist, but also freelances as a website designer and runs her own video production company, Cake Golem Productions LLC.

AJ Nold


AJ grew up in Rosemount, Minnesota but moved to Ohio for college. She graduated from the University of Akron in May 2013 with degrees in English and International Business. She began working on crew and acting back in April of 2013 through a few films by the 2380 Project, the University of Akron’s student film organization.

Saker Alexander


Saker Alexander is positively chuffed to play ol’ Will in Adventures in VBasic 101. Virtual Basic isn’t his FIRST programming language, but he’s more than WILLing (haha, because the character’s called Will, do you see?) to give it a shot! While VBasic lacks some of the complexities of languages like Java and C++, its versati–what? I’m sorry, Basic Adventuring 101? And it has to do with what?

Oh. Hm.

Saker Alexander has LARPed a few times.

Chloe Mlinarcik


Chloe Mlinarcik is excited to be playing “Abigail” in Basic Adventuring 101. She has been in a few short films prior to this, including, Hear by T. James Kay, andThrough the Pain by Jordan David Work. Most of her work though, has been done in the theatre, specifically musicals such asOklahoma! and Children of Eden.

She is currently a student at Cuyahoga Community College, where she is pursuing an Associate’s degree in the Arts. She is an aspiring actress and is passionate about performance, especially on the stage. She plans to transfer elsewhere to work towards a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre. Chloe enjoys singing, dancing, laughing, eating fruit salad and taking long walks with friends. She lives with her parents and little sister in Medina, OH.

Chloe would like to express thanks to Kristin Brumley for the role and Tyler Cairns for the “nudge.” She would also like to thank her church, best friend, Bethany, and her family, Dad, Mom, Rebekah, Stephen, Concetta, Matthew and Leah for their support. Finally, she would like to thank Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, for His undying love. She loves Him more than the arts.


Bradley Alan Eick


Brad Eick is excited to be playing Tony inBasic Adventuring 101. He is a Graduate of Malone University with a degree in Communication Arts / Theater, and is a member of The Society of American fight directors. He has been working with stage combat for five years, and has also acted in such productions as As You Like it, Beauty and the Beast, and Into the Woods.


Eric Kociecki


Eric has been LARPing for a little over two years.  In that time, he has watched other people slay mighty dragons, been unconscious when hardier adventurers saved the present from the past, and run away from countless evil minions of questionable difficulty.  He lives by the motto, “Die Loudly, or Die Permanently.”

Before LARPing, he spent most of his time playing Dungeons and Dragons in his parents’ basement or overclocking electronics.  He’s a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dance Dance Revolution, My Little Pony, and Dune.  Less geeky hobbies include … um, manly sports involving quarter-backs, home-runs, and jump shots.

This will be his first time acting in a video production and he is looking forward to the experience.  He watches a lot of martial arts films and is at least a black belt in movie-fu.  But don’t worry, these skills are used only for good.

Outside of the big screen, he works in IT making computers go “beep-boop”.  Some days he is more successful than others at this job.  He is constantly vigilant in his preparation for the impending robot revolution but still looks forward to a owning a self-driving car.

In the event that robots don’t overthrow the Earth anytime soon, he plans to keep on LARPing.  He also hopes to one day live on Mars, but not until they have broadband internet.

Finally, he is proud that he managed to make his bio be exactly 250 words without needing to pad it with any useless jibber-jabber.



Kristin Brumley

Executive Producer

Kristin is an overly energetic and enthusiastic creative person who has starred on the theatrical stage since the tender age of seven.  With a Master’s degree in Media Management from Ohio University and six college video productions under her belt, she is excited to see her dream of producing a web series come true.

Madison Macklin


Madison has a degree in video production from Ohio University, and has worked on several shorts here and there. She currently works as a live production director on the media team for Vineyard Columbus. She is WELL PLEASED to be a part of this project.


Elizabeth Stong


Script Supervisor

Elizabeth has over five years of experience in event planning, stage lighting, and video production. In her spare time, she can be found writing LARPing modules or practicing German longsword technique.

Zach Knox

Behind-the-Scenes Director

Website Manager

Bush Killer

Zach is the Director of Digital Marketing at a company in Chillicothe, Ohio, and a LARPer ont he weekends. He went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and got his associate’s degree in Web Design & Interactive Media–and is a whiz when it comes to whacking down bushes to dress up a set.

Plays With Swords LLC

Fight Choreographers

Plays With Swords LLC is a husband and wife team of choreographers specializing in a wide range of staged violence for film and screen.  Rob DeHoff is a graduate of the Northern Kentucky University theatre program, and has been a member of the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) since 2000 and holds certificates of proficiency in every weapon offered by the SAFD.  Maria Henriksen-DeHoff has been a member of the SAFD since 2002, and holds certificates of proficiency in every weapon offered by the SAFD.   Both a fighter and a prolific costumer, she has taught at multiple SAFD-sanctioned workshops, and has studied Kokokan Judo for nearly two decades.  Both Rob and Maria have worked on productions ranging from the Great Lakes Medieval Fair to Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center to Joss Whedon’s 2012 film The Avengers.