Watch Season 1

Episode 1

In this pilot episode, Karen has found herself at her very first Live Action Role Playing game and she isn’t yet sure what she’s gotten herself into. When things go poorly will her new adventuring team swoop in to save the day? Or will the newbie inevitably set off a terrifying chain of events that will likely doom their make-believe world?

Episode 2

Karen, the LARP Newbie, opened a pandora’s box of evil. Whoops. Will her friends let her keep playing, or will she be forced to leave the party? And seriously. What was up with old woman and all the evil cackling, anyway?

Episode 3

We’ve been hearing about this powerful sorcerer for two episodes now. Karen finally meets the mysterious Goblin Shaman–but what will he want from her, in return?

Episode 4

Karen has signed a pact with the goblins just in time to be rescued(?) by her fellow Foxdales. Will things turn ugly for the Goblin Shaman or will our Foxdale-heroes finally understand their quest?

Episode 5

All the quesadillas! The Foxdales arrive at the Gingerbread Haus tavern for dinner, and we learn more about our heroes backstories. That is until someone inevitably puts a foot in their mouth.

Episode 6

Parallel lives collide as Karen and Sarah come to understand why LARP can become such an important hobby. What was once an in-character (IC) experience has begun to affect the out-of-character (OOC) one. Revelations are then interrupted by another Foxdale in danger–but who?

Episode 7

In our most thrilling episode yet, the Foxdales must overcome powerful magic in order to find their missing friend–and defeat the evil they are responsible for releasing into the world.

Episode 8 – The Finale

In this exciting conclusion to Season 1, the Foxdales must now face Amulriel in a battle to save their friend’s life…racing against the ritual that will turn Tasha into Amulriel’s vessel. Will Echo and the group persevere, or will they fail and be faced with worse evil than ever before?