The Project

Basic Adventuring 101: Die Loudly or Die Permanently is a web series about Live Action Role Players, produced by Kristin Brumley, directed by Madison Macklin, and written by Elizabeth Stong.

Our goal is to create a LARP story that is realistic to the genre and created by the people who have lived and loved the game.

We have released the pilot episode through funding we raised using Kickstarter last year.

Our Pilot KickStarter campaign launched on April 9, 2013 and was successfully funded on May 5, 2013, raising the funds to produce the pilot episode for our season. Visit ourKickstarter to check it out!

The following year we attempted to raise funding for the rest of Season 1 and launched another Kickstarter May 6, 2014 running until June 1, 2014. While this campaign was unsuccessful, we did still manage to hit a remarkable $17,000! And we are trying again this year, launching a Seed&Spark campaign on April 7, 2015. We look forward to your support!

Plot Outline

Karen is new to the LARP world and unsure how she is going to fit in when she joins her older sister’s overly enthusiastic adventuring group. Things seem to be going well until she mistakenly opens a mysterious treasure box, releasing an evil into the world that has been kept secret for ions. She’ll have to learn how to be an adventurer as she and the rest of the team have to inevitably save the world.